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    Google Penalty Recovery Services

    Over the last couple of years Google have been a lot more generous with their penalties then in the past. The result has been that some questionable SEO techniques used in the past have come back to bite many sites across the internet. Some of these are deserved and others are not but the fact remains that the penalties are there and need to be removed to help your website perform again. We have a proven track record in removing penalties and our Google penalty recovery services could help you and your business get back on track.

    There are a number of penalties, both manual and algorithmic. Our Google penalty recovery services will look at the whole spectrum and help your business recover. Here’s a quick look at the three most infamous penalties.

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    Type: Alogrthimic

    Target: Poor on-page SEO techniques

    Update Frequency: Monthly (roughly)

    Panda was the first of Google’s algorithmic penalties and focuses on the quality of your website. Are there too many footer links? Is the content on the home page thin? Does your site contain too much duplicate content ot too many adverts? There are a whole host of factors that contribute towards a Panda penalty and now that Panda is part of the main algorithm it can be hard to identify that you even have a problem.

    Our Google penalty recovery services will help you re-organise your site to make sure that you are on the right side of Panda. By doing so not only will you be able to rank well again but your site will be much more user friendly.


    Type: Alogrthimic

    Target: Poor link-building tactics

    Update Frequency: Bi-Annual (roughly)

    When Google rolled out Penguin 1.0 it sparked a seismic shift in the world of SEO. For years Google had been saying what is a good link and what is bad but they now finally have a tool that can penalize sites with “bad” back-links algorithmicly, or automatically. Penguin focuses on the off-page factors of a website and in order to fix it a site must clean up the back-link profile which means removing questionable links pointing to it across the internet. It is a long process but necessary if a site is to ever rank well again.

    Contact us to finds out more about how our Google penalty recovery services can help your site recover from a Penguin attack.

    Manual actions

    Type: Manual

    Target: Poor on-page and off-page SEO techniques

    Update Frequency: Anytime

    Unlike Panda and Penguin manual actions are not algorithmically driven. This means that they are not automatic. A manual action penalty means that a member of the web-spam team at Google has looked at your site and at it’s back-link profile and has decided that the site is not following Google’s webmaster guidelines. This means that either the site is not of high enough quality and it using questionable SEO techniques within the site or that they suspect the site to have tried to manipulate it’s back-link profile.

    To remove this penalty our Google penalty recovery services will conduct a deep and thorough review of the site and recommend improvements to the site as well as start a back-link removal campaign to get any links that are not “organic” removed. Once we have done this we will then argue your case with Google and request that the penalty be lifted.

    The results

    Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our successes. For obvious reasons we do not list our Google penalty recovery services clients but if you get in touch we will see if our clients are happy to give us a reference.

    Google manual-penalty-revoked

    However we are able to show the data. This graph below shows the impact of a Panda penalty on a sites traffic and impressions in Google, it also shows the improvements after we conducted our penalty recovery work.

    Do you need help?

    We have a proven record of getting penalties removed for each type, including Penguin. If you would like to know more about how we can get your website back on track and ranking again then drop us a line.

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