This initial assessment will look at the whole site as well as other key ranking factors. Our SEO audit includes checking site errors, performance, its back-link profile, authority, structure and making sure that the site does what it is supposed to do and has a nice clean and simple message to your visitors.

Site content

The content of a website is key to the success of the site in the search engines. We will look at how the site currently uses keywords, look for duplicate content, the placement of ads, and how the site compares to Google’s guidelines.

Site architecture

The architecture of a website plays a very important role in the success of any SEO campaign and as a result it is one of the key areas that we will look at when we first audit your site. We will check the site to review the ability of the site to allow the flow of authority from the site top level (i.e the homepage) to the deeper pages with in the site.

Back-link profile

Links are very important in SEO. Links are seen by search engines as a recommendation from one site to another, and as a very general rule of thumb the more links your site has from good quality and relevant website the better your site will rank.

However due to their importance to rankings many sites have sort out links from certain sites that may not be either good quality or relevant. This links have the potential to cause problems with in the search engines.

We will go through your back-link profile to identify any potential issues that your website’s back-link profile may be causing.

Anchor text ‘health check’

The spread and variety of your “Anchor Text” is a very important indicator of the health of your site. This is the text used when linking from an external site to your site. It is important to have a high variety of terms. If your site anchor text profile only has a few terms then this may be taken as a sign that you have tried to manipulate search engines and could result in a penalty.

To try and avoid this during our campaign we will make sure that we create a range of natural links that have a wide variety of anchor texts, however in order to know what we need to focus on, or avoid, we need to know what your anchor text profile currently looks like.

Check for penalties

There are different types of penalties that a site can have but the three main ones are a manual penalty, Google Panda and Google Penguin. If your site is suffering under any one of these penalties it will have a major impact on the potential of the site in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and the work that we do during your SEO campaign. As a result we will check for any penalties that may be affecting your sites performance.