I expect it would come as no surprise to many that people who work in SEO tend to spend a lot of time on the internet, and many of those are actively involved in the on-line SEO community. This is something that I have always loved about the world of SEO, the willingness of people in the industry to share new ideas and help each other develop new techniques and strategies.

However this propensity to share, blog and tweet about anything and everything to do with SEO does mean that you need to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. To help you I thought I would share a few of what I think are the best SEO blogs and sites with you. These sites are all very good go to sites for all things SEO…enjoy!

1. SEO Moz

If you have ever read anything about SEO chances are it was from this blog. Originally set up by Rand Fishkin (and his Mum) the SEO Moz blog covers all the basics of SEO, looks at new “white-hat” ideas and is often the trend setter for the online conversation. Look out for their White Board Fridays; these are short 5 minute videos about a SEO subject every week and well worth a watch.

2. Search Engine Land

Edited by Danny Sullivan this site brings together all the best news stories and blogs about SEO from across the internet. It’s a great resource to go to, however because it’s updated so regularly if you don’t check it every day there is a good chance you may miss something good!

3. SEO by the Sea

This is a more technical SEO blog from Bill Slawski. Aimed at people already in the industry who want to move away from the basics and intermediate techniques other blogs cover and instead focus on the hardcore aspects of SEO.

4. Point Blank SEO

Point Blank is all about off-page SEO. The writer, Jon Cooper, is recognised as the best in the off-page business and he is more than willing to share his thoughts, ideas and methods so well worth a read.

5. SEO Wizz

This blog is written by Tim Grice, an old SEO hand who has been knocking around the world of SEO for a number of years. This site made it on to the list because of his fantastic beginners guide to SEO. It’s an impressive piece of work and covers all the basics that you need to get going in SEO… however be warned… it will take at least a week to read through it all!

6. Inbound.org

While not a blog this one is well worth adding to the list. Set up Rand Fishkin from SEO Moz and Dharmesh Shah the co-founder at Hubspot this is the “Reddit” for SEO and inbound marketing. Members submit blogs, tool reviews and jobs that they have seen and other members and users then vote on the submissions if they are any good. The result is a quick and easy way to find the articles that your fellow SEOs are finding useful and interesting.

I hope you enjoy the above blogs and if you have a favoratie that I haven’t mentioned then let us know on our Google+ page.