A few snippets from recent news relevant to your recruitment website design and digital marketing, whether you are currently building a new website or managing an existing one.

Just 20% of companies have mobile friendly career sites

Recruitment Buzz report a survey by Career Builder of Fortune 500 companies found only 20% had mobile friendly career sites or mobile recruitment applications. The original report in the Boston Globe also states 45% of 18-29 year olds choose their smartphone as their main resource for accessing the net, across all generations this figure is about 20%. (Source: Pew Research Centre). ComScore say over the past year the number of job hunters using mobile devices leapt from 2.3m to 9.3m.

Recruitment Buzz also share an infographic from the Sellick Partnership and a survey they have conducted which shows 60% of respondents agreed their devices had changed the way they search for a new role. 47% had looked for a new job whilst travelling on public transport. Current trends still show that job boards are still the first point of call for 63% of candidates and 21% of professionals still browse printed media. Their infographic points out a Google statistic of 40 million recruitment related mobile searches each month, and 56% find it more convenient to use a mobile device.

Facebook adds professional skills to user profiles

In a bid to compete with recruiting social platform LinkedIn, Facebook has added professional skills to allow a Facebook profile to be a fluid resume too, and these skills automatically connect to relevant groups. Just under a year ago Facebook launched the Social Jobs Partnership App which aggregates positions from recruiters like Monster.com. (Entrepreneur) With its multi-generational and cross demographic reach Facebook could give LinkedIn a run for its money.

Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest may not be the first Social Media networks you consider when marketing your recruitment website. The recruitment industry doesn’t lend itself naturally to the production of images, however they are becoming more relevant. As webmasters and marketers develop the rich and visual content Google likes and more of this can be channeled to social media to build a brand. Couple this will any images that can be taken from client specific campaigns, events and day to day activities and Instragram and Pinterest create another opportunity for brand exposure.

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