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Recruitment Website Features

Powered by our own unique Jobweb platform we provide our users with more recruitment website features and usability than any other recruitment website solution provider.

Jobweb currently powers in excess of 150 live recruitment websites. Our knowledge and understanding of the system requirements of recruitment organisations is unparalleled.

Jobweb has been developed with a raft of features geared towards vastly enhancing the number of candidate applications a recruitment business receives.

Details of a selection of those features can be found below:

Key Candidate Features

  • Quick Job Search

    This is clearly shown on the homepage and allows candidates to search for jobs quickly and easily with little effort.

  • Job Reference Search

    Usability feature. Enables candidates to enter a job reference and be taken to the search results (vacancy details page).

  • Date Search

    Ability to search vacancies added from a specific date.

  • Mail to a Friend

    Upon finding a vacancy the candidate is greeted with an option to forward to a friend.

  • Narrowing Search Functionality

    Displaying the number of jobs in a particular category that can be narrowed down dependent on preferences leaving you with the jobs most suitable.

  • Candidate Applications

    Candidate application can take place in two forms “register and apply” and “quick apply”.

  • Job Wish List

    Enables candidates to browse multiple vacancies, add them to their wish list and apply at a later date if preferred.

Content Management Features

  • Content Management

    Content pages to be instantly updated with no technical knowledge.

  • Page Grouping

    The ability to group pages together that share a common design.

  • Ability to embed video code

    The ability to embed video code from external sources.

  • Navigation Manager

    The ability to control the navigation of the site.

Social Media Interaction

  • Twitter Job Feed

    The ability to automatically post vacancies with relevant hashtags to your company Twitter accounts.

  • Twitter News Feed

    The ability to automatically post news articles from your site to your company Twitter account.


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Administration / Recruiter Features

  • Vacancy Administration

    Ability to add, edit, delete jobs on the web site. Includes archive facilities and advanced search facility on live vacancies.

  • Filter Questions

    Provides the option to add up to five Yes/No questions to each vacancy. Greatly assists in the sorting and filtering of applications.

  • Candidate Administration

    Review all candidates applying/registering with the site, edit, delete or export data directly to a CSV document.

  • Administration Manager

    The ability to add new admin users with individual user name and passwords.

  • KPI’s

    Key performance dashboard providing statistics about site use.

  • Searchable CV Database

    CV’s of all candidates which register with the site will be stored.

  • Banner Manager

    Banner system linking to jobs, or any other web page internal or external to the web site. Includes unlimited banner positions.

  • Featured Jobs & Latest Jobs

    The ability to set up jobs so they appear more visible on a particular page of the site, attracting more candidates.

  • News Manager

    Ability to release articles through the internal news management system. Allows for categorising, scheduling and tagging of articles.

More Features

  • Candidate Registration

    Candidates can register with the web site quickly and easily including CV upload.

  • Update Profile

    Ability for candidates that have previously applied to update their details on the web site. A pre-requisite of the data protection act.

  • Contact Us

    Enables site visitors to make contact via an online form.

  • Jobs by Email

    All candidates have the option to register for emailed job alerts which match their criteria.

  • Send Me Jobs Like These

    Similar jobs can be sent to an email address of choice to be reviewed and applied at a later date.

  • RSS Feeds

    RSS feeds can be added that users can add to an RSS reader oif their choice, allowing them to follow jobs added to the site.