Since moving to Cody Technology Park, it hasn’t taken Strategies long to settle down and get back to business as usual. After a small bedding in period, it’s now time to explain why our recent move will create a better environment for our staff and a smoother process for our customers.

To start with, it’s allowed Strategies to move its location to within reach of the M3, more accessible for our staff’s daily commute, and also easier for visiting clients. In addition to that, our staff are also able to enjoy the on-site amenities such as a restaurant, cafe and gym. But while our staff are now free to enjoy the Cody Park lifestyle, what does the move mean for our customers?

Technical Improvements

The process to improve Strategies started over a year ago, well before our move to Farnborough. At our previous location, we used to host on-site and also run a back-up generator to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances.

At the time, we were more than capable of handling all these tasks, but as we grew, we realised that our impending move to Cody Technology Park would provide us with an opportunity to improve on the in-house solutions we had previously used.

During the past twelve months we’ve moved our hosting over to Aegis, who now securely host and provide a resilient, highly available core infrastructure. In addition to this, we continue to back-up all of our data; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring premium protection of our client’s data at all times. This co-location data centre is a marked upgrade on our facilities at our old office.

The new data centre also provides multiple back-up solutions to negate power outages and strengthened physical security that protects our servers from physical harm. Strategies also carries out robust security measures that prevents a cyber-attack, giving customers year-round security and peace of mind.

While we had physical measures in place at our previous location, the additional options put in place by Aegis allow us to use that time more positively and creatively into working directly for our customers. Allowing us to spend our time on more customer-centric operations.

The move to Aegis will also improve the availability and reliability of our services. While Strategies has always been good when it’s come to these two factors, with Aegis hosting we’ve been able to take it to a level that, previously, we had been unable to reach; reducing the chances of an outage even further than before. Allowing our servers to be protected within a robust, physical environment with diverse power and connectivity.

In conjunction with Aegis and our new partner at Cody Technology Park: QinetiQ, we were able to put a number of contingencies in place, which included the provision of a temporary connection.

Thankfully, we were able to make the move without any issues arising and we’re now at the other side of a process that started over a year ago. We’re now a faster, more secure and better operating company than we were twelve months ago. A move that our client’s will see the full benefits of in time.

Personal Improvements

The move to Cody also allows Strategies to perform in a more creative and vibrant environment, compared to our more industrial looking previous location.

Cody Technology Park is home to numerous forward-thinking and creative organisations, some of which work within the recruitment sector, allowing us to better engage with the recruitment industry and be at the forefront of the leading changes that will take place further down the line.

These business opportunities and relations are thanks to QinetiQ opening up Cody Technology Park to tenants just a few years ago. Meaning that Strategies, as well as a number of other companies, are moving in and living together in a fresh environment, capable of presenting further opportunities in the future thanks to networking within the facility. Creating a future Strategies that is able to talk to some of the best technologically clued-in people in the UK.

Want More Information?

Moving to Cody Technology Park has already allowed Strategies to make significant technological and personnel enhancements in a short space of time and we only expect it to get better.

If you’d like more information regarding Strategies innovative recruitment website design, then be sure to get in touch with us for more information.