Learn how to manage your own SEO

We offer organisations of all sizes SEO training in Berkshire to teach staff how to create and maintain website content in a way that generates more traffic from search engines.

We also provide SEO auditing services to determine what type and kind of technical SEO work may be required to your website in order to deliver on established objectives.

Our SEO training and audit services in Berkshire are tailored to suit an organisation’s specific requirements but the overall aim of these services is to “train” and “educate” team members so organisations can become more self-sufficient in terms of how they manage their SEO.

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Session 1: Keyword Research Workshop

We will kick the SEO training in Berkshire off with a keyword research workshop. This workshop is designed to do the following:

  • Introduce the core principles of SEO
  • Understanding your business objectives and audience
  • Discuss what your keywords are

This workshop will then allow us to generate four essential reports:

  • Keyword Research Report
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Website Content Plan
  • Technical Website Audit

These reports will give you the knowledge you need to ensure that your website is well optimised, that you know what keywords to target, what content is missing from your website, and then finally what you need to produce in order to target your key audience in the search engines. Once armed with this information we will use the second SEO training workshop in Berkshire to show you how to implement these principles and reports on your own website.

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Session 2: SEO Training Workshop

This SEO training workshop is designed to give you and your team the tools and knowledge to maintain your own SEO.

  • Report back following technical, content, and keyword reviews
  • Train users on how to optimise a page focusing on:
    • URL
    • Page Title
    • Page Sub-Headers
    • Meta Titles
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Content Optimisation
    • Image ALTs

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Technical SEO Audit

While creating the Content Gap Analysis and Keyword Research Report we will also conduct a comprehensive technical review of the website. This report will “look under the hood” of your website to make sure that there are no barriers to SEO success in the infrastructure that powers your website.

If and when the Technical SEO Audit highlights any issues we will recommend what changes should be made to the website.

Post-Training and Audit

By the end of the SEO training in Berkshire your team will have the knowledge that they need to not only create content that is highly relevant to your audience but they will also know how to correctly optimise that content for a specific keyword.

Added to that you will have a complete list of any and all technical changes that need to be made to your website to ensure that all parts of the website are performing well in the search engines.

This means that your business can then push ahead knowing that your website is performing and your team have the knowledge to maintain that performance.

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Latest case study

“It has been a real pleasure working with Strategies throughout our website projects, they are always very helpful, quick to respond and patient when trying out lots of new ideas.”

Go Ultra Low is a joint UK government and car industry campaign designed to encourage the adoption of low emission vehicles within the UK.

The aim of the website is simple: to provide all the information users may need to see for themselves why “electric” is the future of motoring and to provide the facts and answers consumers are looking for to make an informed decision. This aim was achieved through the provision of a clear and consumer friendly design alongside a website structure that was simple and allowed consumers to rapidly find the information that they required in order to make an informed decision about switching their vehicle type.

Following it’s launch in October 2017 the website is performing great and helping Go Ultra Low achieve their aims.

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