Challenges and opportunities for recruitment firms.

Career Builder have released their 2013 Opportunities in Staffing survey which through an interesting infographic showcases some interesting facts about the industry and its technology:

  • 1 in 3 candidates have now applied for jobs through their mobile phone
  • Two thirds of staffing firms agree mobile friendly websites are vital but 50% haven’t taken action yet
  • 1 in 4 of these firms have never tried to view their website from their phone!
  • Sadly 10% of candidates believe agencies will charge them and 14% believe a recruitment agency is where to go if you CANT find a job
  • And the most common complaint is recruitment firms are too slow to respond to calls and emails

Monster has launched a new site for HR and Recruitment professionals has launched this month to tell the industry more about three key products in the portfolio, Monster SeeMore, Monster Consultancy Services and the Monster Talent Management Suite.

Monster SeeMore is a cloud based CV search application which purports to search and help refine CV’s from literally everywhere within a recruitment firm.

Monster Consultancy offers senior level candidates sourcing solutions globally.

Monster Talent Management is all about Monsters suit of tools for managing the recruitment process from start to finish.

Facebook Career pages are gaining ground in the social recruiting stakes

The Undercover Recruiter takes some interesting facts and figures for recruitment digital marketers from the Social Recruitment Monitor. As the importance of “employer branding” grows marketers have been pushing engagement on Facebook to generate valuable visibility and the ratio has increased by 32%, pages themselves are being updated 15% more this year and the average fan base increased by 250%. Facebook’s importance as a recruiting tool is growing as predicted.

Although for the growth in followers it may be worth noting the trend across all industries in purchasing “likes” for social platforms and to wonder if this has had influence. Buying followers is of course a practise not recommended as it distorts figures and leaves social networks with blocks of dormant, uninterested followers who will never interact, engage or even consider taking up services or purchasing a product.

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