Strategies websites are powered by our own unique Jobweb technology which already has more features and usability than any other recruitment website provider, our sites are now set to get even better they are to be responsive too.

From the end of October responsive website design (RWD) will optimise any futurerecruitment websites built by us for easy reading and navigation on anysize device or screen. It makes browsing more fluid by reducing the need for resizing, panning and scrolling allowing the visitor to concentrate on the important part – the content which will engage them.

With a responsive recruitment website design the content and images flex and respond to screen size to “fill” the available medium and still retain the appearance of the website. With the huge range of iPad, iPhone and Android devices on the market and the massive range of PC, laptop and tablet screen sizes available to purchase, Responsive Website Design is becoming as essential to recruitment as mobile recruitment applications should be. Mobile Entertainment reported 97 available screen dimensions in 2010 versus 232 in 2013, meaning website owners must have a suite of high technology website tools to convey their message to every visitor effectively.

Responsive Website Design is cutting edge website design technology as recommended by Google at the end of 2012; and Mashable describes 2013 as the “Year of Responsive Website Design”. Responsive website designers use percentages for the sizing of sites, images and content as opposed to the traditional use of pixels and responsive websites are designed to be able to move with fast advancing digital technology.

The Independent reported today that 20 million UK consumers are expected to use a tablet device this year and by 2017 50% of the UK population will use a tablet at least once a month. Sales of tablet devices in the last quarter of 2013 are expected to be greater than the sales of PC’s for the first time. The majority of tablet owners are in the 25-54 age range and many will be active job seekers.

In addition to our leading recruitment website application, our responsive website designs and Jobweb platform combine to ensure that Strategies consistently offer recruitment clients top notch technology to maximise their candidate experience and the number of applications they receive.

If you would like to know more about building a recruitment website, a recruitment application and incorporating Responsive Website Design from an expert UK firm, with no obligation to continue try Strategies today.