Recruitment websites are viewed on the move , at home and in the office. They have to be equally available on iPad and a smartphone as well as a standard office PC. Jobweb designs and technology are optimised for each of these environments enabling you to get the best out of the site whichever way your candidates choose to view it.

Mobile compatible websites are now a paramount part to a recruitment company’s online and social media strategy.

Many candidates, who use Facebook and Twitter, use it via their mobile phone or tablet therefore using social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook is made redundant if when you send vacancy or news content to these platforms, the links take users to a traditional website.

Strategies has undergone an intensive research and development period in order to develop, what we believe to be, the very best solution for mobile and tablet browsing.

The basics of our mobile solution allow candidates to search and apply for jobs easily and integrates seamlessly with our Jobweb system. Candidates can apply using a stored CV, online CV or Linkedin profile.

Please get in touch to view a sneak preview of our new mobile recruitment website due to be released in the next few months.