We’re delighted to reveal that Owen Reed have launched their brand new bespoke website with the help of Strategies.  The design incorporates a new vision and initiative for Owen Reed, enabling them to have one of the best looking law-based recruitment websites available.

What did Owen Reed require?

The project took place over a period of several months, with Owen Reed providing a clear and concise idea on how they best wanted to promote both the look and feel of the bespoke website, but also incorporate a wide reaching and smart platform for finding new candidates.

One of the most important aspects was to enable job searches throughout every page, while also having the data searches controlled entirely by dropdown menus.  This allows for searches to provide more thorough checks and return more jobs than a free text input could ever allow, identifying specific locations and job types without the need for candidates worrying about spelling or word placement.  They can get every job that’s relevant with just a few button clicks.

We were also able to take advantage of job board platform Idibu, software that allows Owen Reed to attract more candidates, identify the best ones, develop talent pools and to reach a wider audience, by posting jobs to a myriad of locations.  All of which means a higher success rate and a better quality of candidates for both them and their clients.

Bespoke Design

The final design of the site took some time to finally come together as Owen Reed worked tirelessly with Strategies in order to define the correct look that they were looking for.  A change mid-project to allow the new bespoke website to sync up with Owen Reed’s new branding and marketing direction was thankfully made more manageable by the WordPress platform made.  As the project progressed the changes that were needed became more in line with the vision Owen Reed had in mind, resulting in a website that they desired.

Little details like small animations when hovering over a job are small examples of the attention-to-detail the final site has.  The new bespoke website promotes a clean, free and engaging experience for the user while being easy to use and manage for Owen Reed thanks to the WordPress platform that the site has been built around.

WordPress also allows Owen Reed to take advantage of storing all job information in one place, without having to rely on any third-party software to look after their data.  This allows for not only easy access to it but also simple distribution, using Idibu as the driver to reach a broader range of candidates.

Strategies is extremely proud to have been a major part of the process of creating Owen Reed’s new website, and we’re pleased we’ve helped them to curate a website that at the forefront of their growth for the foreseeable future.

Visit Owen Reed’s website to see the final design for yourself and for more information please contact us.