What is a millennial, and more importantly what does the newest generation of job hunters expect.

You have probably heard of Millennials, the generation born after 1980 and otherwise known as generation Y. The three million strong generation which has never been without technology, the youngest ones having missed widely occurring power cuts, relying on “landlines” and studying and then working without a PC and the internet.

Millennials make up a large percentage of today’s job seekers, either the unemployed or those moving or progressing their careers. Their end employers are mostly the more stalwart and independent generation X who sometimes struggle with the lively, changing, opinionated and easily bored generation Y who have massive levels of enthusiasm and great strengths in technology, internet and social media which can be used quickly to an employer’s advantage.

The millennial, mostly the 18-30 bracket do change jobs frequently but are seen to be seeking stability, however they are looking for this in a job that is rewarding, interesting and has a social contribution, with an exciting firm with good environmental and social values. They need to feel like they are giving something back too,

So what does this mean for recruiters and employers?

A young technologically savvy job hunter expects to search for and apply for jobs on the internet, with their mobiles and tablets, and through their social media. We know this is a growing trend but for the technology reliant generation Y it’s absolutely essential. They also expect to use both social media and a company or recruitment website to find out exactly what a new employer can offer, both the job and what it will give them, but also about a company’s proposition, social and environmental policy, what they will be giving back and what fun they can have while they are there. Of course there needs to be balance in this but any firm can lever their social media and website to project the image a young job hunter will be attracted too. Of course this needs to be supported by the actions of the employer or recruiter or the fast moving multi-tasking millennial will have been and gone.

Strategies can’t help with managing your millennials, but for expert advice on how to attract them with a cutting edge recruitment website design, mobile website and integrated social media please do get in touch.