Keyword Market Research

The keywords will form the backbone of your SEO campaign and choosing the correct keywords is an essential part of your campaign strategy. It will help you maximise your rankings and your potential website traffic generation which means getting the keyword market research right is necessary.

Our keyword research will analyse your industry’s key terms and phrases. We will create a list of keywords that have high search numbers in your target area with a low enough level of competition. We will recommend keywords that we feel your website can rank on that will return the highest number of possible and relevant visitor’s.

The keyword research will identify which keywords will provide the greatest return on investment. This includes traffic and “buyers terms”. There is no point ranking position 1 for a term nobody searches for. At the same time there is no point ranking number one for a term that is too general and only used by people browsing and not looking to buy.

We would naturally exclude any terms where you were currently ranking in position 1.

Competitor analysis

In order to beat you competition you need to know who they are and what they are doing. We will work with you to identify who your on-line competitors are, where they rank and on which keywords.

We will use this information as an on-going benchmark throughout your SEO campaign to make sure that your website outperforms and out-ranks your competitors.