The Reporting System on JobWeb enables users to see real-time data and reports on a number of different aspects of the site, including views, conversion ratios and a number of other factors depending on your website.

This guide demonstrates the use of the JobWeb reporting system and covers the following areas:

  • Filtering Jobs, Candidates and Banners
  • CSV Download
  • Data Charts
  • Marketing dashboard

Jobs, Candidates and Banners Tabs

The marketing dashboard is separated into three tabs, which appear at the top of the page. After selecting the tab you require, it will then show information related to the tab in question.

The pages for all three options have a similar structure, but depending on the tab, you’ll notice that different filtering options are available for each one.

After filling in the filtering options and clicking the ‘FILTER’ button, the table below will be presented with a number of results and data based on your criteria.


CSV Download

In order to download a (spreadsheet) CSV version of the filtered results. The user can press the ‘Download As CSV’ button located below the filtering table; the download file will contain the current filtered table results.


Data Charts

Data charts are a visual representation of the filtered results. These charts differ slightly from one option to then next, depending on what the user is filtering. The purpose of these charts is to quickly identify the key areas that are predominantly more successful, or those areas that need improvement.


Each data section of the chart is interactive; hovering over the data areas shows what the data value is for and the amount it represents.

The ‘Candidate Regions’ area is unique to the ‘Candidates’ tab option, this graphical representation is displayed by geographic location showing where registered candidates are from.

Each highlighted area of the map represents that someone has registered from that region.

This map is also interactive, hovering over the highlighted regions will show how many candidates are registered from that region.


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Please also note that in order to have JobWeb functionality you will need to have administrative access in order to follow this user guide.

More Information

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