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    Our latest Job Board product is packed with the latest features, functionality and design techniques, all at a highly competitive price

    Here’s a taste of our job board features

    Tools for job seekers

    • Intuitive job search

      Job seekers have a highly polished and easy to use job search system at their fingertips. Designed from the ground-up to funnel candidates towards suitable jobs and drive up your application rate.

    • Automated job alerts

      Maximise candidate engagement with your job board and your employers’ jobs with our advanced job alert system. Job seekers can set up job alerts for their search terms and the system will automatically send out an alert when new jobs matching those criteria appear on your job board.

    • Quick job application

      Designed to make the job application process quick and frictionless - a vital requirement for any job board to ensure that you convert job seekers into applicants and show value for money to your clients.

    • Candidate registration and CV management

      An intuitive registration and CV management system to quickly get job seekers signed up to your site, set up a profile, and upload CV files to use for job applications and employer searches.

    • Social sharing and Google for Jobs integration

      Allow users to share jobs to social media platforms with a single click, and our Google for Jobs integration ensures that candidates can find jobs on your job board in their Google job searches.

    • Candidate account management

      Job seekers have control of their account and data - giving them confidence in your job board and reducing the amount of time you spend on support.

    Tools for employers

    • Employer dashboard

      Gives employers an instant overview of their account and how their jobs are performing, including number of live jobs, job views, applications and recent applications, all within a beautifully designed dashboard optimised for user experience.

    • Job posting

      Your employers will find the intuitive job posting interface easy to use, allowing them to quickly add and edit a title and description, categorise the job for searches, set where application should be sent, when the job should expire, and optimise their job for Google for Jobs.

    • Job management

      Our job manager functionality gives employers a clear and concise overview of their jobs, showing the key job details as well as number of views and applications, and letting them easily view/edit/expire/delete jobs with a single click.

    • Application management

      You don’t need to rely on external application tracking systems. All of our job boards feature a powerful application management system, allowing you and your employers to quickly review applications and CVs, and contact candidates directly at the press of a button.

    • Job seeker search

      Allow employers to search for candidates matching their criteria and then contact them or invite them to apply for their jobs. Candidate search is a useful upsell for site owners, especially if a employer is struggling to find the right candidate for their jobs.

    • Employer account management

      Allow employers to manage their company profile and create additional user accounts - freeing up your time to manage your business.

    Job board features for your business

    • Automated GDPR management

      Built-in GDPR system handles your job board’s consent gathering and management automatically. Users can manage their consent through their accounts and will record and set their consent status accordingly.

    • Third-party integrations

      Integrate seamlessly with third-party tools like Google Analytics, lead tracking, live chat and many other tools - giving you access to an abundance of valuable data about your job board business.

    • Mobile & tablet friendly

      All websites are designed and built to be fully responsive on any device. We also offer a more advanced mobile first package, and even a mobile web app for the ultimate mobile experience.

    • Powerful Content Management System (CMS)

      Built with ease of use and customisation in mind - which is why we use WordPress as the CMS to power your site. You can quickly and easily add new pages and posts via WordPress’ intuitive interface with minimal effort or training required.

    • Industry leading UI/UX

      User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are key to keeping users engaged with your job board and funnelling them to the key areas of your business. While a lot of our competitors treat UI and UX as an afterthought, our job boards delivers truly market leading design based on over 25 years of experience designing and building job board software.

    • Multi-poster & ATS integration

      Support for multi-posters and application tracking system integrations with industry leading platforms such as Broadbean, Idibu, and Logic Melon.