You might be improving an existing website or creating a new one, working with a professional website design and development firm, or building a site yourself, your need is still the same – content. You know that Google and indeed the other search engines have expectations, but so do your clients and candidates, so how do you combine the needs of both into a successful recruitment website?

SEO content for Recruitment Websites

It’s a similar story for all websites in fact; post Google’s Hummingbird update naturally written content is key. Practices like “keyword stuffing” are now penalised heavily. Good well written content which of course also meets the expectations of readers is what is expected. Keywords should be included but only where appropriate for content, and now synonyms or semantic writing styles are important. To summarise on this – Google will now recognise the use of synonyms, alternative words with the same meaning, which are used in natural writing of any length on a single subject. Your SEO expert can explain this in more depth and will conquer the myriad of other SEO aspects for you. For Recruitment specifically – there is much opportunity to optimise web pages which detail specific vacancies and job roles.

Writing good content

Even if you use a copywriter or a design agency who have one in-house, content which is specific to your recruitment expertise should start with:

  • Any existing website or marketing content
  • Your ideas or the ideas of your team/s for fresh content
  • Your history, niche expertise, values and unique selling points
  • Information drawn from the industry you operate within
  • A review of your competitor’s content
  • A good understanding of the expectation of your candidates and clients
  • A plan of your website, or sitemap, for structure

From here you can make the decision to write content yourself, delegate this to your marketing department or a team member, outsource, or pass the task to your website developers.

You should consider your audience tone and aims, making sure pages are a good length – between 300 and 500 words depending on their purpose, and of course the search engines.

Strategies have in-house, UK based experts in building SEO friendly recruitment websites, on page and off page SEO, and skilled content writers. If you need help reaching the top of the search engines for your niche, or simply some advice, call us today.