LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and grew as the site for professional networking, it now boasts over 200 million registered users and growing – by two a second! The UK is purported to have 11 million LinkedIn users and the average LinkedIn user is middle aged with a higher than average level of salary and education. Even those professionals who avoid Facebook and Twitter cannot deny the pull of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allows candidates to:

  • View the profiles of and be found by potential recruitment agencies and employers
  • Seek referrals through shared contacts
  • Have an interactive resume, including a record of their applications and a list of saved positions, which they can apply for jobs with
  • Apply for jobs on the move

This year LinkedIn has improved its search mechanism and search filtering capability, made the Job Search Interface faster and slicker and doubled the number of job opportunities posted, they have also been improving the premium tools available to in house recruiters and recruitment agencies alike. These improvements make LinkedIn even more popular for professional job seekers.

Top candidates are learning how to improve and optimise their profiles to use in place of or as a precursor to CV’s, and particularly in the Digital and IT arenas this is an increasingly acceptable proposition for their next role.

An “apply with LinkedIn” feature is now a critical part of social media integration for the design and development of any recruitment website. It allows active job hunters to apply quickly with their LinkedIn profile, and passive browsers to enquire on the spur of the moment. Many candidates are taking advantage of the ability to manage their applications all in one place.

A recruitment website or mobile recruitment website designed and developed by Strategies has both full social media integration and “apply with LinkedIn” as standard. Our LinkedIn integration allows your candidates to apply directly using their Linkedin profile. This means you are able to attract both active and passive job seekers who may not have their CV available.

Once a candidate has applied with LinkedIn you are privy to more information about them and their networks and experiences than a CV can ever provide.