We’re pleased to announce the release of a brand new website for Hojona, featuring an eye-catching, colourful design and a unique interactive map feature.

Formed in 2012, Hojona is a recruitment agency with a difference. Founded on strong family values and an honest approach, Hojona has been able to provide a trustworthy and committed recruitment experience since its formation through to the present day and beyond.

Because of this, Hojona has received national recognition and continues to excel in the appointment of professionals within social care, GP, hospitals and medical professionals across the UK.

What did Hojona require from a new website?

When Hojona first came to us they wanted an entire redesign that focused on being colourful, attractive and simple. They wanted a site that came across with a less corporate tone than other recruitment organisations but still managed to strike a professional image throughout.

An interactive map for locations was a feature that Hojona were keen on at the start of the development process, allowing users to simply pick their region without worrying about dropdown menus or inputting location details into a search box themselves.

The Advantages of using WordPress with Hojona

When we discovered how Hojona wanted their website to look, we immediately used the WordPress platform to proceed with the build. It offered the ability to incorporate all the items that a recruitment agency would require but was still able to produce a unique design and interactive map that Hojona wanted.

The design itself is colourful, far more so than other, similar agencies. Striking a balance between being eye-catching and fun without over-stepping the boundary and becoming less than professional was a challenge we had to meet.

In the final design, we believe that the imagery used and colour palette – consistent throughout the entire site – enables the brand of Hojona to appeal to the user as honest, open and trustworthy; three words that they were keen on promoting throughout the design itself.

The interactive map installed on the bottom of the home page not only fits into this colourful theme, but also serves a practical function. WordPress allowed us to have the interactive location search map fit right into the design and be easy-to-use for prospective users.

Hojona’s new site is also responsive by design, meaning that no matter what type of device your looking at the website on, it will always appear to have a great design with clear and concise content. Whether it’s on a laptop, mobile or tablet, accessing and navigating the site is quick, easy and painless.

WordPress also allows for Hojona to keep all of their data in one place. Posting just one job is all the work they’ll ever do, WordPress does all the rest. Applications remain on the website and it acts as a database for Hojona, there are no third parties involved at all so there’s no waiting around for another company or individual to sort anything out for them. The user-interface of WordPress’s back-end is so easy that anyone who’s used Microsoft Word will feel right at home.

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