When developing a new recruitment website, a blog or news page may be something you haven’t previously considered, so what are the benefits of having a blog and where should you start?

Build your brand and engage your readers

Blog’s are far more fluid than web pages; they can reflect a moment or period in time, current news or current opinion and help to build a brand profile. Content can range from internal promotions and changes, to external and industry news, stories and even rumours which can help to engage readers and encourage them to re visit or remain on a website.

Share news, tips and increase your credibility within an industry

One thing any candidate or client appreciates is a recruitment agency who knows what they are talking about. A blog is a great way to demonstrate you are up to speed on news within your niche and to publish expert articles which showcase your industry knowledge. If you’re in finance blog about banking, IT – what is cutting edge? Media? What is the top talent in the industry delivering? The opportunities for a blog are endless and content subjects can easily fit to the skills you have available within or close to your business.

Posting and promoting your well written blog posts via your social platforms gives good relevant content for your wider readership, encourages followers to visit your website and may well result in “sharing” or even “virality” within your industry, magnifying your reach.

Keep the search engines happy

Google and the other search engines like nothing better than naturally, well written blog and social content, keep your blog up to date and it will pay dividends in website traffic – lever a popular keyword and regularly including your own and you’re laughing….