It doesn’t matter if you are launching a new recruitment consultancy or developing the online presence of an existing one, it does help to take a step back, research, plan and create the primary tool with which you will engage the majority of your clients and candidates.


Of course you have already researched your niche and your competitors, but have you done this from an entirely online perspective, or from the perspective of a website designer or developer. Have you thought about how your competitors websites work – tried viewing them on a smartphone or tablet AND a PC. Have you applied for a job or uploaded your CV to see if you like how it worked. If you have an existing site – when was the last time you did this on your site?

Have you searched Google lately as one of your candidates or clients to see exactly what pops up?


There is much to think about. How will you structure the site? How many pages? What ratio of images/video to text? What functions do you want on the homepage, or throughout your site? And much more.

Now this is the stage where you have probably already spoken to the company who will build your new website (we hope it’s Strategies!) and the point where you start taking on the most advice and input from outside professionals. But, there is nothing stopping you from having your own plan, outline sketches, collated thoughts, and it may well help when it comes to finalising your choices with your developer.


The moment of truth, the ideas, the research, the discussions begin to take shape into your industry leading recruitment website. It’s not going to happen overnight, and the first proof will never be the last but the sense of achievement and the new dawn of your recruitment business is starting to emerge. Your website developers will begin to deliver all their promises.

If you have chosen Strategies you can rest assured we will deliver

  • A unique and exceptional website with fantastic customer service and support
  • Expert, in house, UK based designers and developers who take time to understand your every need
  • Advice and clarity at every stage
  • Market leading speed, functionality and cutting edge mobile and responsive websites

Contact us today for a no obligation chat, talk through your ideas and see what is possible for your recruitment business.