Source Group International: Recruitment Website Design

Source Group International (SGI) are a leading multi-brand recruitment consultancy working in the technology and life science markets. Multi-brand consultancies are something Digital Recruitment Strategies specialise in, having worked with a number of different agencies to deliver recruitment website designs across each agency's portfolio of brands. Often the key to multi-brand agencies is keeping a common theme running throughout their overall web design, while also giving each site within the network a unique feel.

For Source Group International we have designed and developed their main corporate site,, and are rolling out additional sites within their network - for example, The corporate site is all about SGI - focusing on them as a company and what it's like to work for, and with, them. So this site is very much about the people and culture that makes SGI such an attractive prospect. Because of this focus on the people and culture at SGI, there is a more personal feel to the site. From bright colours and custom photography taken in and around their offices - with a focus on some truly eye catching graffiti, to animation and effects that bring the pages to life, the site stands out from other corporate sites.

While some of these design touches are carried through to the other sites in the network, for example the unique photo and content shapes, each of the recruitment website designs has its own flavor that is specifically targeted at that site's particular market - e.g. technology, pharma, and so on. It's important to keep this common theme running across the network but at the same time allowing each site to speak with it's own voice.

Source Group International website - mobile view
Source Group International - laptop view