Strategies are pleased to reveal that we’ve helped Bamboo Crowd launch their new innovative recruitment website.

The website, which is now live, fronts Bamboo Crowd’s innovative and creative approach to recruitment, helping their website compliment some of the excellent work that they do on a day-to-day basis for creative industries.

The process started six months ago when Bamboo Crowd approached Strategies to create an innovative recruitment website that offered a trendy design that reflected the company and their brand.

While their old website fulfilled a lot of the requirements of an average recruitment site, it didn’t meet the high standards needed by Bamboo Crowd. Because of this, we worked closely with Bamboo Crowd throughout the process, ensuring that the design and aesthetic that they required were installed and built-upon right from the start. This meant that they were able to craft the website how they saw fit, ensuring that the final look and feel of the website was exactly what they wanted.

To tie into this, we were able to build a number of custom-built pages to facilitate some of the content that Bamboo Crowd wanted to publish, as well as an in-built job board that functioned better than their previous one and was also designed to be used without any third-party involvement. Meaning that the entire job board is able to be managed from Bamboo Crowd’s own innovative recruitment website.

One of the more eye-catching features of the design is the use of viewport animations. This artistically loads text into the view of the user when they’re on a specific part of the page, creating a functional but stylish look. Providing a look that is clean, user-friendly and professional. In fact, the idea for the inclusion of viewport animations came from Bamboo Crowd, who were focused and clear on the look they desired.

Throughout the process, Strategies were also able to manipulate font sizes to conform to the screen sizes they were being viewed on. This allows the website to be viewed at the highest possible quality on all screen sizes. The website was also designed to be responsive to allow for mobile and tablet platforms to give users the same high quality performance that PC and Mac users would receive. Meaning that no matter how Bamboo Crowd’s website is being viewed, it’ll look great every time.

Make sure to visit Bamboo Crowd’s website for a closer look at the design and for more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.