Akabo Media is a well-known and well respected on and off-line publishing organisation supporting the logistics, supply chain and intelligent transportation system markets.
Akabo Media
They publish a number of magazines (Logistics Manager, RUC Magazine and Logistics and Supply Chain) as well as holding trade exhibitions, trade conferences and awards ceremonies.

In addition, Akabo Media publish Supply Chain Jobs, a global jobs board featuring the latest logistics and supply chain jobs in the UK.

Having been with their existing software supplier for less than a year Akabo Media had an urgent need to move platforms in order to improve usability, candidate traffic and the volume of applications their clients were receiving.

Having thoroughly tested our job board system and having researched the application rates and KPI’s being providing for other clients on our network, Akabo Media quickly identified our platform as being the solution to their problems.

Having partnered with us in June 2015 their job board is now nearly complete and excited to be able to showcase the new and improved site very shortly.