Leading global recruiter Adecco last month published a pioneering Social Recruiting Report now available to both recruiters and candidates alike.

They conducted a survey between March and June 2014, collecting responses from 17,272 candidates and 1,501 recruiters from 24 countries.

Their goal: “We want to understand how candidates search for jobs on social media, which tools they use, and how they present themselves online. We also interviewed the recruiters to discover how companies operate on social media, which tools they use, and what they look for in their recruiting process.”

The report considers:

  • The use of social media
  • How effective it is for the process of matching candidates to jobs
  • How important a reputation online is
  • Social Capital
  • How agencies recruit online and via social media

The report and infographic (see below) found that 55% of those asked used the internet for job hunting and more 70% of recruiters and rising used social media to attract and engage candidates.

www.theundercoverrecruiter.com summarised:

The global study also discovered that an applicant’s social media engagement is important to recruiters, as candidates with an established online network receive more contact from potential employers. LinkedIn is the most popular network for recruiters assessing candidates at 68%, Facebook at 52%. An estimated one third of recruiters admit rejecting a potential candidate due to the content on an applicant’s profile.

Silvia Zanella, Adecco Global Social Media & Online Marketing Director “The predominant relevance of social media recruiting is a reality today and no doubt in the future. We can help job seekers get the most out of the unlimited opportunities available through proper use of social networks, and provide recruiters with the best tools for improving the quality of their social media professional practices. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity to publish the Top 10 golden social media tips for job seekers and recruiters.”

We noted most candidates do not consider how their social profiles may influence whether they are hired or not, although some candidates realised the importance of Social platforms like LinkedIn and how they can create what is a totally interactive and referenced resume.

For companies and recruiters considering building their online brand to aid their recruitment campaigns important points to consider are:

  • Job Listings
  • General Content and Company Information
  • How they interact on Social Media
  • Any recommendations/referrals
  • Popularity/number of followers

What is certainly important is that recruiters are watching candidates and candidates are watching recruiters and firms alike, and both should be aware of how they present themselves in a marketplace which is increasing driven by social recruiting.

Addecco’s full report can be found here: adecco.com/socialrecruiting