The use of video within the content pages of recruitment websites is certainly not new nor indeed very revolutionary however, we still sit and wonder in amazement at the very small number of recruitment businesses that are adapting the use of video as part of their vacancy advertising process.

As we know the recruitment industry is a hugely competitive market place, one where candidate attraction is paramount to the success of filling a position.

Then why are recruiters not spending more time refining their candidate attraction methods and providing the candidate with a reason to make an application?

A vacancy result listing traditionally consists of a job description provided initially by the client quickly hashed and adapted by the recruitment consultant in order to get the position advertised as quickly as possible.

Yes we understand that speed is of importance during this process but lets not forget what a recruiter wants to gain from their advert… Suitable candidates that can make them money!!

The current market state dictates that exceptional candidates, the ones a recruitment business want to attract, will not be short of opportunities and are likely to more picky when it comes to looking for their next career move and applying for jobs on-line.

Therefore when advertising a vacancy on a recruitment website why are recruitment businesses not doing more??

Imagine for a moment if you will.. You are a candidate searching for a career move and find a new job on-line. You find the position is being advertised by two or three different recruitment business.

The first displays a very brief description outlining the core desired skills and salary details with very little effort made.

The second, provides a thorough job description detailing the main skills required and a description of the candidate profile requirements with a little about the company.

The third a very well written thorough job description outlining the role, company profile and ideal candidate profile along with a video of a recruitment consultant talking passionately about the position in order to sell it to you the candidate.

Now ask yourself the question.. which one will you apply to?

Our recruitment website system allows for any of our clients to add video content quickly and easily as part of any vacancy listing. Please view the tutorial on how to below: