Proprietors of recruitment firms and their websites don’t have too much to worry about when it comes to Google’s new quest for original and compelling, value adding content. Most recruitment websites do contain original and quality content bespoke to the recruitment firm and niche they operate within. Any successful recruitment firm already realises they need to add value to their client and candidate experience and reflects this in their recruitment website design.

There are a few things you can do however to make your recruitment website the best it can be, and avoid any penalties from the search engines when it comes to content.

Use natural, well written content

Gone are the days when keywords were “stuffed” into every opportunity, content across the whole of a website should be natural and well written, completely original prose which more naturally levers site relevant key words and phrases. Any website recruitment or other should be written for the user and not for the search engines, Google specifically requests “original content, original research and original insights to make a site compelling and enjoyable”. Google’s Matt Cutts has recently produced a video guide which illustrates the top search engine’s expectations and things to avoid.

Choose keywords and phrases well

With completely natural content keywords and key phrases for your website need to be analysed and chosen carefully as every opportunity to optimise a keyword needs to be maximised. An expert in recruitment website design will be able to assess your niche and competition, and overall search engine performance to set keywords accurately.

Add rich content

Rich content is about good quality articles and editorial in every aspect of your website and blog if you have one, but rich content also includes well optimised images and video which not only engage and hold the attention of your website visitors and customers but improve search engine rankings too. Good articles, images and video are all perfect for social media content too.

Be careful with feeds and syndicated content and avoid duplication

Even the best recruitment website has to be a little careful to avoid duplication, the main culprit in a recruitment website being vacancy details, job descriptions and client information which all should be edited to avoid too much duplication across syndicated websites. A well-built and legitimately optimised website can carry a little duplication but care should also be taken if a website includes any helpful templates or standard letters or industry documentation. It’s worth remembering to “add value” to any duplicated content with annotations and analysis or advice for your candidates and clients.

Develop your recruitment website with Strategies

Your expert recruitment website design agency can advise on all the pitfalls to watch out for and work with you to produce first-rate original content.