ASA Recruitment

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ASA Recruitment Website

Based in Edinburgh, ASA Recruitment is an experienced recruitment agency featuring a vast array of opportunities available for potential candidates within a wide variety of sectors.

When ASA Recruitment came to us they needed a functional website that also offered an eye-catching and professional design. In particular, the look and feel of the site was a key focus, it had to be crafted in such a way that it presented ASA Recruitment as a forward thinking and expanding company.

After working on the site for a number of months, Strategies were able to bring together a site that features a colourful and vibrant design that is able to draw the viewer’s eyes to the most important sections of the site. ASA Recruitment’s high quality and multiple avenues of content were also able to be presented in such a way that the new design highlights it like never before. Giving precedence to vital pieces of information throughout the website.

ASA Recruitment’s reams of helpful and handy articles are now easily accessible from a user menu on the left hand side of the page. The way the design works allows for the content to flourish within its colourful backdrop, giving it pride of place when viewer’s visit the site and not unintentionally hiding the content like other sites tend to do.

Down that same side is also a section for eCruit, a flexible service that ASA uses and is a sub-domain of their main website. We were able to integrate this and other similar features that allows ASA Recruitment to manage their workflow in a much more efficient and time saving manner than they previously did.

All in all, ASA Recruitment’s new website presents a stylish and progressive look for the company and we’re proud to have been a part of their website’s launch.

Visit ASA Recruitment’s website and for more information please contact us