Friendly, expert web development & wordpress customisation in Berkshire

Our team of expert web developers in Berkshire are often amazed by the number of Berkshire businesses that contine to suffer working with software that was originally intended to assist, improve and speed-up internal processes. We regularly see spreadsheets or Access databases that once stored a few lines of data, worksheets or tables that have exploded out of control over an extended period of time. Initially the spreadsheet or database worked wonders and the business grew because of it, now however things slowly start to go wrong as the system grinds to a halt and the business with it.

In other scenarios we meet Berkshire business owners and entrepreneurs that have a concept for an online application but they do not understand where to start. They understand their business intuitively but have little comprehension of how to best take an idea and build a secure and well-ordered web-based application from concept. They fail to understand the key planning stages and how to best take an idea and turn it into reality.

We sometimes encounter a Berkshire business that possesses an online application that has been poorly specified and does not meet the requirements? We often see applications that contain overly complex workflows and masses of functionality that the business does not need and did not specify. We see applications that grown under the excess weight and bloat of all of this poorly written code that no one actually needs.

Does this describe you?

If so, do not worry – there is another way!

Custom Web Application Development in Berkshire Made Easy

Our in-house web development team has 20 years’ experience in the creation of complex, online web applications. Our technical approach has been devised from our experience developing large and complex database-driven applications. Our refined processes now allow us to achieve efficient, flexible and rapid web development in Berkshire.

We listen to your needs and those of your business. All software is developed specifically to meet your needs and no one else’s. The systems that we develop and deliver are light, quick and devised to meet your requirements in as simple a fashion as possible. We really do enjoy taking that old spreadsheet or database and turning it into an online application that can really help transform your business.

Our ability to combine technology with creative thinking ensures our we development customers in Berkshire are delivered cost-effective and dynamic web applications suited to their needs. We ensure that our technology is easily integrated into existing, internal systems. Developing all of the technology from early concept gives us maximum control and flexibility when it comes to adding innovative and customer-defined features. We always endeavour to value to your business processes by becoming an extension of your own team.

Best of all we are nice people, talk plain English and are always available to support you every day.

Project Management

Our team includes web project managers experienced in developing large and complex systems. All of our projects are delivered with the assistance of a comprehensive and functional HTML wireframe prototype of your final application. The wireframe enables you, your team and your investors to visualise and interact with your application from within your web browser before any development work starts.

Rapid HTML Wireframe Prototyping

Due to the iterative and collaborative nature of this process (working closely with you) we find it by far the best way to tease the functionality requirements from any business or entrepreneur. An application will often change a great deal during this initial phase of design as our client sees the application come to life within the HTML wireframe prototype.

The flexible nature of the prototype (it does not contain complex programming or a database) allows us to rapidly test different approaches to complex elements of functionality and workflows. We can see what works best onscreen, in a web browser with your users or select group of early client testers.

All of our prototypes are delivered with and underpinned by a comprehensive, written technical specification.

A Varied Development Skill-Set

Our technical personnel are drawn from various different marketplaces and industry sectors helping us to deliver a variety of experience and expertise to any project. We like to keep ourselves ahead of the curve and regularly attend industry events and conferences.

We use a combination of Open Source technologies because we wholeheartedly believe that this delivers the most flexibility, value and broad spectrum of the latest technologies to any project. All development work is undertaken using Zend Framework and a variety of databases including MySQL and Mongo DB. We have also been using Elastic Search for a number of years and use it to power sites that require fast and powerful search functions across large database. We would be delighted to both demonstrate and discuss the best blend of technology for your project.

We also specialise in the deployment of bespoke WordPress content management solutions. We have worked with WordPress now for over 10 years and can fully integrate the benefit of this fantastic CMS and it’s core plugins such as Woo Commerce into other bespoke solutions. This flexible approach allow us to rapidly deploy “phase 1 solutions” without the need develop everything form scratch.


We undertake work in a great number of different market sectors but specialise in the following:

  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
    Motor Industry
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire
    Home Improvement
  • App and Web Development Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

The Process

We do not believe in the ‘one process fits all’ approach. We do have common steps that most project pass through (listed below) but will always customise the process to suit you and your project.


  • discuss your needs and how your software should best function
  • deliver you a fully costed proposal
  • produce an HTML ‘wireframe’ prototype of your final system and deliver it to you with a comprehensive, written specification
  • programme your application utilising the very latest Open Source technologies
  • perform a rigorous testing and Q.A process to make sure that your application does what it was specified to do
  • train you to use your application either on-site or here at Strategies
  • deliver a user-guide that explains how you can get the best out of your software
  • host and maintain your software providing support at every step of the way

To read more about our hosting solution please visit our dedicated hosting and email section.

Where We Work

Strategies is located at the Cody Technology Park in Farnborough on the Hampshire/Surrey border. We have local clients in nearby towns including Frimley, Camberley, Aldershot and wider afield in both London and across the UK as a whole.

With offices on the Surrey/Hampshire border we are well placed to cater for web development clients no matter where they are based in Berkshire. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact us and we can discuss your options and set up a meeting.

Our websites are all deployed and hosted within our VMware vSphere powered redundant virtual cluster. This delivers all of the benefits of traditional hosting with some additions such as:

  • Disaster recovery options
  • Nightly snapshots for point in time recovery of entire VMs
  • Cost-savings over dedicated infrastructure
  • Increased compute power and resources for future expansion

Latest case study

“It has been a real pleasure working with Strategies throughout our website projects, they are always very helpful, quick to respond and patient when trying out lots of new ideas.”

Go Ultra Low is a joint UK government and car industry campaign designed to encourage the adoption of low emission vehicles within the UK.

The aim of the website is simple: to provide all the information users may need to see for themselves why “electric” is the future of motoring and to provide the facts and answers consumers are looking for to make an informed decision. This aim was achieved through the provision of a clear and consumer friendly design alongside a website structure that was simple and allowed consumers to rapidly find the information that they required in order to make an informed decision about switching their vehicle type.

Following it’s launch in October 2017 the website is performing great and helping Go Ultra Low achieve their aims.

View case study