The SuperGrad brief

SuperGrad first approach Strategies with a very clear goal in mind, to create a platform which allowed graduates to quickly and easily apply for jobs, whilst also being able to effectively search through SuperGrad's 'Career Advice & Blogs'

SuperGrad made it very clear that SEO was extremely important to them and that they wanted to be sure the site was as optimised as it could be from the outset, whilst also having the tools necessary to enhance and build on their SEO work in the future.

In addition to having a platform that would allow SuperGrad to grow and scale, SuperGrad wanted a site that really stood out from their competition. It was clear that SuperGrad didn't want to have an excess of pages with irrelevant content, but instead a relatively small site which has concise and meaningful content for their users.

SuperGrad website - mobile view
SuperGrad - laptop view

What we did for SuperGrad

Throughout the design process, Strategies wanted to make sure that the site would really come to life for users no matter what device they were viewing it on. Through subtle animation it allows users to experience a unique journey through the site. Focusing the attention on the areas that matter the most to SuperGrad - jobs and news.

SuperGrad uses Broadbean to post their jobs, and, as we have done for many of our clients, we ensured that a completely custom built feed was put in place. We don't insist that our clients have to use a generic integration with the same categorisation as everyone else. Instead we build each fee from scratch based tailored to each site's categorisation.

Working in partnership with SuperGrad, we put the new site through detailed technical and user testing to ensure that the journey we had set out from a job search perspective was as straightforward as possible and that the site worked well on as many devices as possible.