The brief is a new, online collection of unique designs submitted from vintage archives, independent artists and renowned contemporary design studios. The textile and digital designs are available for immediate and secure one-off purchase from the website.

Traditionally salespeople have travelled globally to present and sell their designs in person. represents a new way of allowing customers to rapidly purchase designs to suit their exact requirements without the need to view the designs "in the flesh". Utilising artificial intelligence has allowed the collection to rapidly expand to tens of thousands of prints without the need to manually categorise and analyse each design.

The result is a market leading website with a unique user interface that is able to serve the needs of global clients 24/7. The business has plans to rapidly expand it's contributor base within 2018 and is now talking to a number of organisations and individuals that own unique design and print collections in the UK and the rest of the world.

The unique technology underpinning the website will allow to bring some very large, unique and often historic collections previously unknown or digitised to the viewing world.

What we did for

The business already possessed a large collection of vintage designs printed onto various materials including fabrics and paper. We needed to devise a way of very rapidly digitising the physical collection and processing them onto the website so they could be easily found by registered users. The process needed to analyse and categorise thousands of images rapidly without any human intervention. The resulting automated processes devised and developed by Strategies has enabled us to scale the overall size of the collection rapidly in the first three month of the site being online. Utilising artificial intelligence has allowed the collection to rapidly expand without the need to manually categorise and analyse each design.

Utilising a range of powerful "Open Source" technologies enabled us to deploy a secure and powerful full eCommerce solution for within a fraction of the overall time-frame often required to build bespoke solutions from scratch. In turn this enabled the business to launch on time and to start marketing it's designs globally available to a rapidly expanding client base in the design industry and beyond.

To see the automated categorisation and image tagging in action register for a free account and run a search for "ice cream cone", "baroque people" or "stereo" to see some effective and random results from the technology - all analysed without human intervention.

The website is deployed and hosted within our VMware vSphere powered redundant virtual cluster. This delivers all of the benefits of traditional hosting with some additions such as:

  • Disaster recovery options
  • Nightly snapshots for point in time recovery of entire VMs
  • Cost-savings over dedicated infrastructure
  • Increased compute power and resources for future expansion

To read more about our hosting solution please visit our dedicated hosting and email section.

A word from

"I think this is one of the best looking online print design websites on the web today. I couldn't have asked for more from the Strategies team, they went above and beyond and I am already working with them on my future projects."

Daniel Barnardi - Creative Director