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Bespoke website development using PHP, .NET and Classic ASP

Strategies have helped to scope the technology that drives our business. This is a true partnership in every sense. Strategies are an extension of our own business and we have formed an enduring, ongoing relationship.
Aaron Turner, CEO, Look4aProperty.com Ltd

  • Over 15 years experience developing complex online applications and websites
  • Specification writing and wireframe building services
  • Varied development skill-set including PHP, .NET and Classic ASP
  • Utilising a range of databases including MySQL, Microsoft SQL server and Oracle
  • A large in-house team meaning nothing is outsourced

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An in-house team

Our ability to combine technology with creative thinking ensures our customers are delivered cost-effective and dynamic websites and applications suited to their needs. We add value to your business processes by becoming an extension of your own team.

Our technical approach has been carefully devised using expertise in e-commerce and large database applications to achieve efficient, flexible and rapid web development. We will always ensure that our technology can be easily integrated into your existing, internal systems.

Our in-house web development team has over 15 years' experience in the creation of complex online applications and websites. Developing all of the technology from early concept gives us maximum control and flexibility when it comes to adding innovative and customer-defined features.

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Project management capabilities

Our team includes web project managers who are experienced in developing large and complex systems. We can take a fledgling idea and help you to develop it conceptually.

We can assist in the creation of written, technical specifications. We also specialise in the creation of HTML wireframe prototypes of systems which enable you to quickly understand the potential scope and nature of your application.

We help you remove any worry you may have by managing your online web development project for you. You focus on your concept and business plan and we make sure your project is completed both on time and on budget.

A varied development skill-set

With technical personnel drawn from a wide variety of different marketplaces and industry sectors, we always have the know-how and expertise to develop your business on or off line.

We use a combination of various technologies and programming languages as required by the context of the current project or the client's requirements. These technologies include PHP (various frameworks including Zend), .NET and Classic ASP web development. Systems typically run upon a back-end SQL database including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Web application frameworks

Web Application Frameworks are libraries of classes and other code which is intended to assist in the development of websites, web applications and web services. The idea is that a framework will reduce the overheads associated with performing common development activities including database access, caching, AJAX, configuration set-up, session management, etc.

Many frameworks follow the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern to separate the data model with business rules from user interface. This is generally considered a good practice as it modularizes code, promotes code reuse, and allows multiple interfaces to be applied.

For most complex web applications a framework will assist in rapid application development by providing a skeleton structure to start with. Many of the common coding practices are already catered for, so the extra time often wasted on the initial set-up of an application can be avoided.

We believe that web application frameworks can greatly increase the return on investment for most web applications. Our experience and knowledge of various frameworks in different languages gives us a key advantage in advising our clients and partners.


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